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JQUERY and Flash
article / JQUERY and Flash

When working in flash, actionscript developers often face the problem of reading special characters from external sources like PHP, XML etc. Many a times, unexplained boxes get displayed instead of the special characters when flash is used in other languages such as Greek, Hebrew and others.

To solve the above stated problem, using actionscript and JQUERY collectively makes for an easy and better solution to try out. Though URLLoader class is more often used by flash developers to fetch the external data, ExternalInterface makes for a better and powerful option that can be beneficially used for extracting external data. But it is observed that many a time flash developers do not feel confident handling complex JavaScript logics and therefore avoid using the ExternalInterface tool, which remains untouched and unused. They feel that URLLoader and URLRequest are enough to do the entire data-fetching task.

Though it's true that URLLoader and URLRequest are capable of data fetching, yet Externalinterface is no doubt a better option to bank on. For classic developers, JavaScript with its multi browser dependant feature makes for a tough thing to handle. But JQUERY solves all of them in a nicer way with its easy to use characteristics such as no headache for browser detection, checking and writing long and unnecessary codes. Moreover, its compatibility with all browsers makes JQUERY a winner that fits the bill perfectly.

With JQUERY , you can fetch data from HTML, which then gets extracted by actionscript with help of External Interface. The best part of using JQUERY is that it returns data in such a way that flash can read all special characters easily and effortlessly.

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